Welcome to Dorset Suites

A warm welcome to the beautiful North and Kinnagait.

Our accommodations are all centrally located in the natural splendor of stunning Kinnagait. They take their cue from the tradition and beauty of the land, and subtly transition from the breathtaking outdoor environment to our calming indoor world. In our original Dorset Suites building, the space is a soothing and contemporary architectural expression of the northern winter stone house concept – qammaq – long established by the Inuit. Dorset Suites Hotel has a design based on the bird spirit and is inspired by our rich artistic community. Dorset Inn with recently upgraded rooms is located by the scenic seashore.

We have designed five sites, where you’ll be swept away by every modern comfort, treated second to none service, and offered a truly relaxing experience. You can choose between accommodations at one of our beach houses, our 1-bedroom suites, our executive Bayview Suites or Dorset Inn, all with access to our guest lounge and dining room. We also provide an executive meeting room for those who have added business to their pleasure.